Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies (1996)


  1. Sharpshooters – Buck The Saw
  2. Diferenz – Jazz Workshop (Remix)
  3. Raucous a/k/a Sabotage – Say No More
  4. DJ Cam – Mad Blunted Jazz
  5. DJ Krush – Big City Lover
  6. Diferenz – Mind Movement
  7. Sharpshooters – Massacre (Roey Marquis II Remix)
  8. Raucous a/k/a Sabotage – No Way Out (Roey Marquis II Remix)
  9. DJ Cam – Pure Pleasure
  10. DJ Krush – Roll & Tumble



Categorised as: CD, Compilation, Promo, Sampler

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  1. Seeg says:

    Thanks for such an interesting compilation. Great mixture of names and styles! Besides, it wasn’t easy to find it in 320 kbps

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