Heltah Skeltah – D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) (2008)


  1. Intro (feat. DonRocko, YoungJamen, BummyFlyJab, Alkatraz)
  2. Everything Is Heltah Skeltah
  3. The Art of Disrespekinazation
  4. Da Beggining of da End
  5. Twinz
  6. D.I.R.T. (Another BCC Yeah Song)
  7. So Damn Tuff (feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx)
  8. Insane; W.M.D. (feat. Smif n Wessun)
  9. That’s Incredible
  10. Ape Food (feat. The Representativz)
  11. Hellz Kitchen
  12. Smack Muzik (feat. Flood)
  13. Ruck n Roll



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