Epik High – Swan Songs (2005)


  1. Innisfree (Intro)
  2. Yesterday (feat. 고영준)
  3. Lesson 3 (MC)
  4. Fly (feat. Amin. J of Soulciety)
  5. Funkdamental (feat. UnknownDJs)
  6. 그녀는 몰라 (feat. MYK)
  7. Ride (feat. L. Wan)
  8. 이별, 만남… 그 중점에서 (feat. Alex of Clazziquai)
  9. The Epikurean (Intermission)
  10. Paris (feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
  11. Let It Rain (feat. 김종완 of Nell)
  12. 도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유 (feat. 이정 & Infinite Flow)
  13. Follow the Flow (feat. MYK & D-Tox)
  14. Swan Song (feat. TBNY)
  15. Goodbye (Outro)
  16. Bonus: Elements (feat. DJ Wrecks & MYK)



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