DJ Shadow – In Fluxuations (1995)


  1. Lesson 4
  2. DJ Shadow’s Theme
  3. Lost and Found (Slf)
  4. In Flux (alternate Interlude ’93 version)
  5. Basic Megamix
  6. Meiso (Shadow mix)
  7. Only the Strong Survive (Shadow mix)
  8. Rhymes for the Deaf, Dumb & Blind
  9. Swan Lake
  10. The Third Decade, Our Move
  11. Last Stop
  12. Untitled Heavy Beat
  13. Hardcore (instrumental) Hiphop
  14. Devil’s Advocate
  15. Midnight in a Perfect World (extended version)
  16. Stem (Cops n’Robbers mix)
  17. Red Bus Needs To Leave
  18. Midnight in a Perfect World (GAB mix)
  19. The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party mix)
  20. Soup
  21. Dr Octagon Waiting List (DJ Shadow Automator mix)




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